Dehradun is a beautiful place full of great scenic views. The mountains add a touch of paradise to this peaceful destination. It has an air of spiritual significance and blessed by nature with vast geography. If you plan to visit Dehradun and do not have problems with the budget, then there are a variety of luxury suite hotels which can provide with a fantastic staying experience..

Excellent facilities to suit your needs

Our hotel has a range of services that can suit your needs perfectly. We provide all sorts of services that are very customizable and flexible to fit our client’s requirements. If you are looking for 5-star accommodations, then look no further as you have reached the right spot. We also provide with refreshments including coffee and drinks. You can always access TV at any time from your room and dial the hotel’s number for any additional service. We take
pride in delighting our customers with the best stay possible.

Delicious cuisines and comfortable stay

Our halls and corridors are not crowded like the other hotels, and the lush green environment around our hotel gives the feeling of great inner peace. We provide a great variety of cuisines to delight your taste buds. We at Hotel Amar Leela offer you with the best facilities in Dehradun. Our hotel staffs can handle different types of emergencies and deal with our customers in a gentle and heart-warming manner.

Well maintained rooms

We believe guests are a form of God and treating them right goes a long way in maintaining excellent client relations. Our customers have happily rated us as their favourite, and some wished to stay longer but promised to come back as they enjoyed every bit of their stay in Dehradun. Our rooms have excellent furnishings and are maintained regularly. The sheets are changed every day and washed to ensure proper hygiene.

A memorable experience

We rank among the best rated hotels in Dehradun. You can also choose to roam outside in the city and leave the luggage worries safely in our hands. The city of Dehradun is known to attract many tourists from all over the country and also outside of it. We at Hotel Amar Leela feel we must live up to the standards of being the best hotel suite in Dehradun for every visiting customer. Moreover, leave a great lasting impression that compels a return to this beautiful destination.