Tap into your INNER PEACE

A Rare Retreat at Hotel Amar Leela which is an ideal place to relax, meditate, enjoy, and listen to the stillness of your inner Self.

Tap into your INNER PEACE

A Rare Retreat at Hotel Amar Leela which is an ideal place to relax, meditate, enjoy, and listen to the stillness of your inner Self.

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A wonderfully well designed king size room with exceptional standards of comfort, stylish furnishing and with every kind of facility that you can think of. A magnificent view of river and lush green area to wake you up really fresh in the morning, giving you natural energy all day long. A great range of family rooms designed for 2 adults and a kid. A fantastic choice for a family stay.
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A beautifully designed room to accommodate two adults and a kid. It’s one of a kind that fits your pocket, offering you more than just bedrooms, food and drink. You can see a classic view of river as well as mountains taking you to the 90s era of bollywood’s love songs. It’s an occasion in its own. It will make you fall in love again with your
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This is called compact with class. A room you can book anytime to see the beauty of the nature right from your balcony. Easily within your budget, this one is a great choice. It accommodates two adults and one child with all the basic features you need to take a break from your daily routine. This one is perfect for a family outing taking you away from the rest of the world.
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Hotel Amar Leela. Make Your Golden Memories.


Need a break from your daily routine or going on a vacation? Check this out!!!!

Taking a break from your daily routine is not an everyday plan. It really needs a lot of research about the place you are visiting. While planning you look for proper and suitable accommodations and places that take due care of guest’s comfort and feasibility, providing all the basic facilities and rooms within your budget.

Experience the world class rooms and facilities with us. A gorgeous view of mountains and river right from the balcony of your room. Enjoy the complimentary meals and other refreshments with a great weather making your vacation unforgettable. All this within your budget.

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The Great Escape
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Eco-Inspired Lodging

Penthouse Suite
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Family Double
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Family Double
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Special Rooms, Discover Dehradun for 100
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Facilities Available


A restaurant to make sure your order is served fresh and hot to your room. It has a lot more than just tea and coffee.


A T.V. as a basic facility is installed in every room as we understand the need of it. Before going to bed, people loves to enjoy T.V.

Sight Scene

We will take you to the best places of the city and a guide will be provided to tell you the interesting history about them.

Air Condition Rooms

Smart intelligent air conditioners are installed in every room to give you the same pleasant weather inside the room as well.

River Facing

When you take a break from traffic and pollution and enjoy the silent river facing view, that is called actual relaxation.

Doctor On Call

We wish you stay well throughout your journey, however, in case a doctor is required, we provide you one at no extra cost.

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